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Персональные тренировки по парным танцам

Personal Dance Lessons

Hustle (also called DiscoFox) is a top-popular social dance in Russia. It is mostly an improvisation based on several dance techniques, dance partners normally change after 2-3 tracks.

It looks and feels much like Modern Jive, West-Coast Swing, Zouk, Ceroc, Bachata or Salsa, but is more emotional and dramatic, with an emphasis on connection and chemistry between partners. The music is usually from slow to medium tempo European and US radio hits, but often varies from BLues to R'n'B and a little of Dubstep. Due to the variety of music types hustle can be danced to and the personal style of the dancers the way it looks or feels is never the same, which makes it very unique.

In Moscow, hundreds of Hustle-dancers enjoy dancing every evening at large open-air parties on the promenade of the Gorky Park all through the spring and summer. During the autumn and winter time, we dance at special hustle-discos, gathering hundreds of people daily.

I am a personal trainer since 2013, with more than 100 students who quickly become brilliant hustle dancers. My personal approach is to combine the teaching of high-level sport-hustle techniques with social dance skills. I encourage my students to attend parties and introduce them to the Moscow social dance scene from the very first lessons, which allows them to dance well very quickly, to enjoy the dance and live the dance life!

Hustle Photo

  • 111
    Постановка и репетиция хастл флешмоба
  • 12
    Низкая поддержка с уходом на колено
  • 11
    Модерн джайв на набережной Парка Горького
  • 11
    Хастл на крыше
  • 11
    Хастл дискотека "Тульский Пряник"
  • На хастл-дискотеке
    На хастл-дискотеке "Моссовет"
  • На хастл-дискотеке
    На хастл-дискотеке "Пряник"
  • На хастл-дискотеке
    На хастл-дискотеке "Моссовет"
  • 6

    Турнир по хастлу "Белый Кубок" - медали в разных номинациях и кубок за победу!

  • 7

    Мой День рождения на набережной в Парке Горького '2013

  • 8

    Победа на Танцевальном Марафоне в номинации "Танец для двоих"

  • 9
  • 10
    Жаркие танцы даже под дождем
  • 11
    Пушкинская набережная, Парк Горького
  • 12
    Дискотека - хастл и модерн джайв
  • 13
    Танцы на Набережной

Hustle Video

Hustle Dance Stars at Gorky Park promenade
All-Russian Hustle Dance Championship - Jack-and-Jill
Hustle Dance Improvisation with eyes blindfolded
All-Russian Hustle Dance Championship - 2014 Main+Star
Husle dance contest Champion's Cup 2015
Dinamiada - Hustle Dance contest 2015

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